Convention Main Focus

The Hospital Authority Convention 2023 - 16 to 17 May

The Hospital Authority Convention (HAC) 2023 aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience in clinical advances and approaches to modern healthcare service, and facilitate exploration and discussion of contemporary concepts among healthcare professionals and stakeholders. The scientific programme of the HAC 2023 will focus on the core values of the Hospital Authority (HA), viz. "People-centred Care", "Professional Service", "Committed Staff" and "Teamwork", with topics on "Healthcare in the Era of Data", "Legal Risks and Professional Ethics in Clinical Incidents", "Hospital Redevelopment", "Genetics and Genomics" and "COVID-19".

The HAC 2023 will be conducted mainly onsite/via parallel broadcast. While the Plenary Sessions will focus on the HA's core values,  the Symposiums, Special Sessions and Parallel Sessions will include topics on application of artificial intelligence in healthcare, FinTech, medical training, well-being of healthcare workers, medication safety and gastrointestinal disease management. There will also be Masterclasses on various clinical topics, such as limb prosthesis, renal services, thyroid eye disease, personalised radiotherapy and pain management.

The HAC 2023 will definitely be an unparalleled platform for learning, and is an event not to be missed by healthcare professionals, managers and decision makers.

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