Poster Presentation (Group 8) Part 1 of 9 (F_P8.1 to F_P8.5)

F_P8.1 Effect of Physiotherapy Tai Ji Xiao Jin Zhong exercise class and telecare self-help group on chronic musculoskeletal pain: a bimodal pathway study

Lam YC(1), Ao YH(1), Mok YC(1), Ho WL(1), Au Yeung TL(2)

(1)Physiotherapy Department, Pok Oi Hospital ;(2)Patient Resource Centre, Pok Oi Hospital

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F_P8.2 An interactive sport-simulating exercise class to facilitate return to sports after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Chan H, Wong CK, Pang PY, Chang HC

Physiotherapy department , MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre

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F_P8.3 New Channel for Vocational Rehabilitation Under COVID-19: Supported Tele-based Employment Program (STEP)

Chan MH(1), Keung NY(1), Wong KY(1), Wong TY(1), Yuen KC(1), Choi WY(1), Chow TL(1), Chan KS(1)

(1)Occupational Therapy Department, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

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F_P8.4 Restraint Free Program at Department of Tuberculosis and Chest, TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital

MY Chan, PC Ling, YM LEE, LY Lee, MK Lam, HW To, HT Chan, HY Lai, SM Leung, K Chan

Department of Tuberculosis and Chest, TWGHs Wong Tai Sin Hospital

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F_P8.5 Wealthy Brain through Hybrid Rehab: A holistic approach for lifestyle redesign in patients with MCI

Chan WWK(1), Law CCC(1), Leung SC(1)

(1)Occupational Therapy Department (OTD), Kowloon Hospital (KH)

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