Poster Presentation (Group 7) Part 1 of 9 (F_P7.1 to F_P7.5)

F_P7.1 A Distinctive Children Community Vaccination Centre (CCVC) at HKCH for our Children

AU SC(2), LEE TL(1), Connie WAN(2), Anne KWOK(3), WONG KP(2), Freddie POON(4), Yvonne LAM(5)

(1)HCE of Hong Kong Children's Hospital, (2)Nursing Service Division, Hong Kong Children's Hospital, (3)Paediatric Department, Hong Kong Children's Hospital (4) Pharmacy Department, Hong Kong Children's Hospital (5)Patient Resource Centre, Hong Kong Children's Hospital

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F_P7.2 Newly Designed IPAS Specialty Codes to Streamline Community Isolation Facility Referral System During the 5th Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic

Wong ML(1), Wong WY(1), Wan YL(1), Cheong HY(1), Ng HK(1), Wong PL(1), Tam WW(1), Lau TY(1), Chan CK(1)

(1) Department of Medicine & Geriatrics, Caritas Medical Centre

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F_P7.3 Evaluation on the New Service Provision for Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis using Tele-materials during COVID-19

CHAN HTF (1), LAM WSV (1), TO WKR (1), MAK MYM (1)

Physiotherapy Department, Tuen Mun Hospital

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F_P7.4 Zoom-PEERS-C 朋友幫-C:Protocol-driven Telecare Program for Improving Conversational Skills of Young Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Leung YY, Chan YH, Chan SM

Occupational Therapy Department

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F_P7.5 Saving the Life and Bridging Care for COVID-19 patients: Taskforce for Advanced Ventilator Care (AdVenT) in Isolation Ward

CHAN WC (1), CHEUNG KC (1), WONG KL (1), CHAN YY (1), TONG KC (1), HO SM (1), NG YB (2), CHEUNG PS (2), CHENG SL (2), TSUI SN (2)

(1) Ward 13A, Department of Medicine & Geriatrics, United Christian Hospital (2) Department of Medicine & Geriatrics, United Christian Hospital

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