Poster Presentation (Group 5) Part 1 of 9 (F_P5.1 to F_P5.5)

F_P5.1 Being connected via Telehealth

Chan CSA (1), Lee KY (2), Chan KWK (1), Chiu KM (1), Lee HY (2), Fong CSF (2), Tsoi YKV(1), Cheung KYF (1)

(1) Department of Surgery, North District Hospital, (2) Health Resource Centre, New Territories East Cluster

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F_P5.2 Remodeling of Fall Prevention Program in Physiotherapy in Geriatric Day Hospital

Chan CC(1), Lam SL(1), Li SK(1), Wong YK(1), Lai KW(1), Leung HC(1), Yip LF(1), Chiang KH (1)

(1) Physiotherapy Department, Shatin Hospital

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F_P5.3 To Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Modified Occupational Therapy Intervention Model with Introduction of Stratification Mechanism in the Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) program

Chan WY (1), Wong MK (1), Leung TM (1), So TWP (1), Dr. Wong OF (2)

(1) Occupational Therapy Department, North Lantau Hospital (2) Department of Accident and Emergency

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F_P5.4 Peritonitis Remission Programme: Strategy for Quality Improvement and Patient Empowerment

Chan ML, Leung J, IP J, Ho E, Yeung S, Tsang S

Haemodialysis Centre, Department of Medicine, Tseung Kwan O Hospital

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F_P5.5 Usage of Robotic-Assisted Body Weight-Supported Treadmill Training (BWSTT) in Neurological Patients - a 3-year experience

Chan, C N S (1), Wong, S Y R (1), Fung, K Y B (1) and Chan, K Y (2)

(1)Physiotherapy Department, Kwong Wah Hospital (2)Department of Neurosurgery, Kwong Wah Hospital

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