Poster Presentation (Group 4) Part 1 of 9 (F_P4.1 to F_P4.5)

F_P4.1 Can positive glycaemic effects of Continuous Glucose Monitoring be sustained in patients with diabetes?

AU SKY(1), LAM YH(1), CHAN M(2), WONG YS(3), HUANG HY(1), HO SY(1), KWOK KP(2), CHEUNG SM(1), LIU A(1), CHAN W(2), WONG S(2), WONG WM(3), Dr. HUI G(3), Dr. LEUNG JYY(2), Dr. LAU EYF(1)

Diabetes Centre (1)Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital1 (2)Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals, (3)Tung Wah Eastern Hospital

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F_P4.2 Specialist nursing in epilepsy and its utility in New Territories East Cluster (NTEC) - data from the first 12-month period

C Chan(1), TN Shum (1), M Lau (1), NL Yip (1), CH Chu(1), L Chan (2), S Ip (3) H Leung (1)

(1) Department of medicine and therapeutics, Prince of Wales Hospital (2) Department of Medicine, Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital (3) Department of Medicine, North District Hospital

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F_P4.3 Enhancement of drug delivery workflow from QEH Medical Wards to Convalescent Hospitals by “All-in-One” delivery chop and “One-page Summary”

Mr. Chan, Chu Ming (1)(2) Ms. Yao, Pui Wah (1)(2) Ms. Cheng, Wai Yan (1)(2)

(1) Department of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital (2) Taskforce on drug delivery workflow, Department of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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F_P4.4 Review of a New Perioperative Physiotherapy Program for Patients Undergo Emergency Abdominal Surgeries

Chan WY(1), Tam KL(1), Cheung TK(1), Cheung KY(1), Wong SW(1), Szeto YL(1), Tsang HC(1), To YL(1), Luk WY(2), Ng CK(2), Sun TF(3)

(1)Physiotherapy department, North District Hospital, (2) Surgery department, North District Hospital, (3) Hospital Chief Executive office, North District Hospital

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F_P4.5 Next generation of Orientation and Induction (O&I) for Doctors: The use of Simulation Training and Cinematic Virtual Reality (VR)

CHEUNG SY(1), CHONG YK(1)(2), NG KY(1), CHEUNG PL(1), CHAN YH(1)(3), NG WK(1), KO S(1)(4), SO HKD(1)(5), WONG CYA(1)(5), CHENG LF(1)(6), CHEUNG WM(1)

(1)Quality and Safety Department, Kowloon West Cluster, (2)Department of Pathology, Princess Margaret Hospital, (3)Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, Princess Margaret Hospital, (4)Accident and Emergency Department, North Lantau Hospital, (5)Intensive Care Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital, (6)Department of Radiology, Princess Margaret Hospital

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