Poster Presentation (Group 3) Part 1 of 9 (F_P3.1 to F_P3.5)

F_P3.1 Early Detection for Early Cognitive Impairment in GOPC

Ma SPM, Suen YLE, Jam PS, Lam WS, Ko MYS, Lam KPC, Chan BY, Leung SH

Department of Family Medicine and General Out Patient Clinic, Kowloon Central Cluster

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F_P3.2 Occupational Therapy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Can Enhance Functions and Improve Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chan WCD(1), Yuk KLD(2), Lau M(1), Yue SYA(1), Ip WMK(1), Choi KYN(1), Yip CHW(1), Yu HYJ(1)

(1) Occupational Therapy Department, Shatin Hospital (2) Department of Medicine & Geriatrics, Shatin Hospital

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F_P3.3 Breast Cancer Operative Service Collaboration Programme during COVID-19

Choy WY1(1) Chan STF(2), So WSV(3), Chan KM(4), Sheung LM(5) Kwok SM(6), Ng PS(7)

(1-7) Surgery (Breast Care), Princess Margaret Hospital

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F_P3.4 Effect of antenatal breastmilk expression education in low-risk pregnant women on maternal breastfeeding confidence and lactation outcome in postpartum

Chan HTI(1), Yeung LM(1)

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen Mary Hospital

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F_P3.5 Whole Body Vibration Therapy in Acute Inpatient Setting for Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases – Could it be a Choice

Chan RWY(1), Kwan HY(2), Ling SO(2), Yim CW(2), Yau A(2), Cheng YF(2), Ng PK(2), Chan BSC(1), Kong ISY(1), Ng BWH(1), Tsui AYY(1), Chau RMW(1)

(1)Physiotherapy Department, Kowloon Hospital, (2)Department of Respiratory Medicine, Kowloon Hospital

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