Poster Presentation (Group 2) Part 1 of 9 (F_P2.1 to F_P2.5)

F_P2.1 Implementation of a Multi-Facet Fall Prevention Program: A Call for Full Engagement from Staff, Patients and Parent/Carers for Children Safety

Au SC, Wong KP

Nursing Service Division, Hong Kong Children's Hospital

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F_P2.2 Staff Retention Program in Shroff Office at Yau Ma Tei Jockey Club General Out-patient Clinic

Chan BY, Chan TKH, Lau WH, Wong Y, Ng SCD, Fan YK, Leung SH, Li YC

Department of Family Medicine and General Outpatient Clinics, Kowloon Central Cluster

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F_P2.3 The effectiveness of an educational program to improve nursing knowledge of AD, DNACPR and ACP

Lam ACW(1)(2)(3), Chan GWC(1)(2)(3), Lam LPL (1)(2)(3), Lam JCY(1)(2)(3), Wong TWY(1)(2)

(1) Caritas Medical Centre, (2) Medical and Geriatric Department, (3)Palliative Care Unit

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F_P2.4 Evaluation of 3D Printed Devices to Prevent Joint Pain and Ease Operation of Hemodialyzer for Hemodialysis (HD)

Chan CYK(1), Chan PYK(1), Louie TMF(1), Leung KY(1)

(1)Occupational Therapy Department, Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital (AHNH)

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F_P2.5 Enhancing Dispensers’ Engagement through 3 Cs in TKOH


(1)Department of Pharmacy, Tseung Kwan O Hospital

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